Auction Houses (AH) are used by players to sell items. Items put into auction are available for all players on the same server to buy. When adding an item to the auction house you set a minimum bid with the option to also set a 'buy it now' fixed price.

Using the Auction House Edit

Speak with an Auction House attendant. There are four tabs:

  • Bid - enter a search criteria and a list of items for bid will appear. Scroll through and select the item you wish to bid on.
  • Auction - drag from your bag any item you want to put up for auction.
  • Bid list - this tab will show items that you currently have a bid on.
  • Auction list - this tab shows items which you currently have up for auction.

Bidding on an Item Edit

To bid on an item you have to have the money in your bag at the time of the bid. The auction house will take it and hold onto it. Once the item has a bid on it, that item can no longer be cancelled by the owner who put it up.

The item is up for bid for a set amount of time. In this time another player can outbid you and you will receive your money back via the mailbox.

If no one outbids you, when the item's time limit has finished you will receive the item via the mailbox.

Once an Item has Sold Edit

There will be a notification in your mailbox. The Auction House will take a 10% cut of the total sale.

Pricing of Items Edit

The game has no controls over the pricing of the item. There is no market value function. A person puts any price they want to on the item. If it doesn't sell, the person can try re-selling at the same price, lower price, or can just take to a NPC to sell.

Auction House Locations Edit

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