Cliffwatch is a friendly outpost most notable for having a Teleport master and mailbox. It is located just south of Greenmont. Along the road east is the Aryurumoka Campsite.

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These are low level quests for players around level 6-10.

  • [6] Crime Scene Investigation -Talk to Ninalar.
  • [6] Clues - Talk to Lord Xenace.
  • [6] Illusionist - Kill Eivilence the illusionist.
  • [6] Royal Scholar - Talk to Welatrance in Greenmont.
  • [6] Search for More Clues - Search Eivilence's room for letters.
  • [6] The Scholar Yoric - Talk to the Scholar Yoric.
  • [6] It's All About Connections - Talk to Lord Xenace.
  • [6] Whereabouts - Talk to everyone you suspect and report to Lord Xenace.
  • [7] Gray Hill Watch - Talk to Slafar the ranger.

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