1 gold, 5 silver and 3 copper


The official currency of Order & Chaos is 'gold'. Players can collect copper and silver pieces from completing quests and killing monsters.

One gold piece is worth 100 silver and one silver is worth 100 copper. When a player collects more than 100 Copper the money is automatically converted into Silver and also when 100 silver is collected, this turns to Gold.

Gold can also be purchased in game as an IAP for $0.99 per piece or less, if multiple pieces are bought together. Gold and silver are used to purchase items in the auction house and through various shops in the game.

Note that after obtaining 100 gold, silver and bronze will disappear behind 3 dots. To view how much bronze/silver you have, use your mailbox or talk to a merchant.

Earning MoneyEdit

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Money.. :)

You can earn money in a number of different ways in the game. You can earn generous amounts of money from questing, and many enemies usually drop money when killed. You can also find a profession, and sell your creations. If you are in a bind, you can kill enemies, pick up everything they drop (even useless items), and sell them to stores. This makes for an easy way of making money, and there are no special requirements. Another way to make money is to buy low and sell high in the auction houses.

Trading can help you make money similar to the way that you would via the auction house.

Other CurrenciesEdit

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