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Death occurs when a player's Health Points falls below zero. Players only lose money on death if they are level 10 and above. At higher levels, the cost of dying is increased. After death, players usually respawn at the nearest graveyard but can revive immediately at the place they died by spending runes or hero emblems.

If the player dies due to fall damage, they will have no choice but to revive at the nearest graveyard.

If the player dies in a dungeon, the cost is 10 runes or 30 hero emblems.

Monks and Mages have an ability to resurrect others. Money lost during death will not be returned if revived by another player.

Cost of Death per LevelEdit

Level Cost
11-20 5 Silver
21-30 15 Silver
31-40 30 Silver
41-50 50 Silver
51-70 80 Silver
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