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Elf Female

Elves are one of the two races in the Order faction. Like the Humans, Elf characters begin play in Fallen Leaf. Elf characters may belong to any of the four classes (Monk, Warrior, Mage or Ranger) and be male or female. 

Race Masteries[]


Nocturne of the Forest

Play a nocturne for all of your party members within 30 meters, increasing their health and mana regeneration by 1%. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times, lasts for 3 min, and you must keep playing to maintain the skill. You cannot use this skill during combat


Wild Talker

Reduces the summoning time of all your mounts by 50%


Increases your melee, ranged and spell hit chance by 1%

Starting Stats[]

Warrior Monk Ranger Mage
Strength 18 14 8 8
Stamina 18 15 13 13
Agility 18 19 28 18
Wisdom 11 17 16 26