Marcasite (white text indicates a Normal quality item).

Items are objects in the game, that players can keep in their bag. There are 4 main categories of items. Players begin the game able to carry 12 items. This space can be expanded by 6 spots for 1 gold, 5 gold, 20 gold and then 50 gold.

An item's rarity and quality is indicated by the colour of the text of the item.

Quality of Items
Quality Colour Notes
Coarse Gray Mainly junk. Sell to an NPC.
Normal White Ok. Sell to NPC. But beware not to sell certain materials that is needed for crafting.
Good Green Sell to NPC or put on Auction House.
Superior Blue Rare. Sell at Auction House.
Epic Purple Very rare. Sell at Auction House.
Legendary Orange Extremely rare. Can be obtained by few quests or bosses from legendary dungeon.

Consumables Edit

Main article: Consumables

Consumable items include food and potions.


Main article: Equipment

Equipment can be worn by the player.

Materials Edit

Main article: Materials

Materials are used in crafting to create useful equipment


Main article: Pets

Pets are small animals that follow players in the game. They have no bonuses and so are purely cosmetic items.