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Haradon world map

Welcome to the world of Haradon!

Haradon was forged on the anvil of Khalin, God of Order, to prove to Kolki, Lord of Chaos, that order governs all things. During the First Dawn, the great races stepped out into the world. Scattered campfires began to illuminate the night as Men emerged from caves, Elves journeyed out of the woods, and Daisauros crawled forth from the swamps. These races developed languages, built cities.

Khalin was pleased.

But then, driven by greed, the races clashed violently.

With aberrant magic, the Daisauros conjured means to animate the dead. Through vile and twisted experimentation, the Elves created the race of Orcs. Soon, even these creatures were rebelling against their creators in a bid for power.

Kolki was pleased.

Khalin, furious, threw his Great Hammer down from the heavens. The impact shattered the land and destroyed the barrier between this world and the world of demons.

Now, centuries later, the scattered races of Haradon still struggle to regain order.

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