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Mendels are the newest playable race, available to all classes. Their starting area is in Mendel Village, which leads to Camp of Awakening (a secondary beginner area).

"The Mendels are a lovely race who live in the Under Realm. Unlike their evil neighbors, Mendels are good people and are always eager to help others. Though most Mendels have never learned how to fight or use weapons, some have been "selected" to perform the duty of protecting the tribe or punishing evil. They are called "Chosen Ones"." -- Character creation description

Race Masteries[]



Harvest of the Mendel Tree
Restores 15% of your health by eating it. (Fruit lasts 1hr.)


Ground Digger.jpg

Ground Digger
Reduces the gathering time of minerals by 50%.


Increases your Melee and Ranged Hit chance and Dodge chance by 1%.

Starting Stats[]

Warrior Ranger Mage Monk
Strength 19 9 9
Stamina 21 16 16
Agility 15 26 16
Wisdom 9 14 24