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 As with all classes in Order & Chaos Online, Monks can specialize in one of two talent trees: Divine and Martial

 Monks use Tailoring to craft their tier equipment and can only wear Cloth gear. Due to having a dps spec available, they are able to use a wide variety of weapons: Staffs, Polearms, One handed Hammers and Daggers, Fist weapons, Off hand weapons or Relics, and Wands as their ranged weapon. 

 Monks are very capable of being able to solo otherwise difficult mobs or dungeons in either spec. 

 A list of frequently used specs can be found on http://oac-head.com/calc/ 


The Divine monk is the typical healer archetype, with powerful healing capabilities. They are the original healing class and as such have the largest heal in game: Divine Light. They have flexible and versatile healing spells, being able to heal their entire team as easily as healing just the tank.

There are talents specific to certain healing abilities, allowing Divine Monks to adapt their spec to particular dungeons or team setup.

Divine monks focus on Wisdom, Spell Haste and/or Spell Crit, and Healing power. Some Stamina may be useful for high level dungeons. Spell Power is used for spell damage; therefore it is not suitable for healers and does not increase healing. Divine Monks do receive Spell Power equal to 50% of their healing, and they can spec for Fire of Faith and Martial Prowess for dps capabilities.


Martial monks are often called Milis, as their original talent tree was called Military. The name of the class may be a bit misleading, as the word "monk" is often associated with lighter melee combat classes, however Milis can produce high sustainable dps to a single target or by using an AoE attack, similar to DPS warriors.

They aren't generally good healers, but can often toss light heals to their teammates when needed.

Mili monks use Strength and/or Agility, primarily Haste for mana return and optionally Crit, and Attack Power.

Monk Stats[]

  • 1 STM gives 10 HP
  • 1 WIS gives 15 MP/8, +2 Healing power, and roughly 0.02% Spell Crit.
  • 1 STR gives 0.5 DMG to main hand
  • 1 AGI gives 0.05% crit
  • 1 Armor gives around 0.06% to physical defense
  • 1 to Crit or Hit Level gives 0.1% to Crit or Hit