There's been interest in making an individual page for every monster in the game. This is a huge task and requires some planning.

Building on the work of others, i've made a monster table template for this wiki. It's written in HTML code and can be embedded into pages by writing {{Monsters}} or Click on Insert template at the top of the page and search for Template:Monsters. See Templates for more help.

This will put a jigsaw piece into the editing page. If you hover over this and select edit, you can change the parameters in the template to the ones relevant to the monster page you are creating. The benefit of having a single template, over making an individual table on each page, is that any changes made to the template automatically change the pages that use that template. For example we can change the color of any cells, add new rows/columns just once to the template and that edit is carried over to all the other monster pages.

Links can be added to the table too, by putting two square brackets around the parameter you are editing. Check out Template:Monsters to see how it is made. I think in the long run using this sort of thing for the project will save everyone a lot of time.

If anyone is confident with HTML, feel free to edit the template to make it look better. Just be careful not to disturb the order of the parameters, as this will jumble up all the monster tables.

Thoughts? Comment on the bottom of the page.

The template:

Monster Database Project
Level: Money: Gold Silver Copper
General loot

Quest loot

Material loot

Pet loot:
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