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Orcs are one of the two races in the Chaos faction. Like the Undead, Orcs begin play in Tanned Land. Orc characters may belong to any of the four classes (Monk, Warrior, Mage or Ranger) and be male or female. Like all races, being an Orc does not offer any benefits to the character in terms of increased attributes or additional traits.

Race MasteriesEdit


Edification of the Clan

Give yourself first aid, restoring 20% of your HP in 8 sec.

Note: You must be channeling to maintain this skill, moving will interrupt it. You cannot use this skill during combat.


Vigor Devourer

Reduces the eating time of foods by 50%. The final recovery effects of foods will not change.

Note: PvPers tend to choose Orc for this ability, as it can be used in arena.


Increases your melee and ranged critical chance and parry chance by 1%.

Inherited Riding Permit Edit

By default at level 1 itself, orcs get a riding permit for lions.

Starting StatsEdit

Warrior Monk Ranger Mage Flame Knight
Strength 23 19 13 13 37
Stamina 23 20 18 18 30
Agility 12 13 22 12 26
Wisdom 7 13 12 22 24


  • Orcs were created by elves by means of "vile and twisted experimentation".
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