Order & Chaos: Online is a fantasy, open-world, MMORPG that runs on iOS, Android, and Freebox.


The initial purchase comes at $6.99 in the US and similar prices worldwide. It includes a three month subscription. After that, additional months used to be purchased at 0.99c a month. However, the subscription has been relinquished and you may play the game completely free after you have bought it. People who bought subscription were refunded 25 runes. note the the game is now free to download too

Gameplay Edit

Order & Chaos: Online features the typical fantasy MMORPG or Hack&Slash CRPG gameplay. The player controls one character in third person view, travels from quest hub to quest hub, and uses spells, talents and weapons to deal with unpleasantries on the way.

Races and Factions Edit

There are two factions and five races: Order and Chaos. Humans and Elves fight on the side of Order, while Orcs and the Undead fight on the side of Chaos. Then there is a neutral race, the Mednel. In practice, there seems to be no such difference. Players of all five races can be on the same team or the same guild and accept the same quests.

Classes Edit

There are five classes. Each class has two spell/talent trees. It was possible to invest into both trees, but later skills require specific amounts of points spent on their own tree. Now you pick what skill tree you want to be a part of and after certain levels you can unlock new skills

PvP Edit

Orada PvP bölgeleri. Arenalar, henüz orada olmadıklarını söyleyen NPC'lerin yer tutucuları şeklinde de mevcuttur.

Another form of PvP that can be found in the initial release is plh5rth56hr5rayer duelling.

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