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Player versus Player (PvP) is a term used for combat involving two players. Players are automatically flagged for PvP when entering a PvP world zone or by entering Arena/Battlefield.

Entering a PvP zone applies a PvP status effect to your character that allows other players to attack you, and you to attack them. As of update v3.0.0.0 (Sep. 7, 2015), "Members of the same Guild will not be able to attack each other in PvP Areas -- even if they are on different teams. Players will also not get PvP flagged when they enter PvP areas if they are below Lv. 70. If they attack or heal other players who have the PvP debuff, they will then get PvP flagged."

The PvP debuff disappears after spending 5 minutes outside any PvP area. You can find out the remaining time on your PvP icon by touching the status effect icon next to your character portrait. Players that can currently be attacked in PvP have their names displayed in red.

World PvP zones Edit

Arenas Edit

There are several Arena Leagues: 2v2, 4v4, and Battlefield (bf) 4v4. Arena is generally used to gain PvP rating, while Battlefield is used for gaining Honor Points.

Points (win) Points (lose)
Arena 2v2 100 10
Arena 4v4 200 20
BF 4v4 300 60

Dueling Edit

You can challenge another player to a duel at any time by tapping their avatar and selecting the icon that displays two swords. It should be noted that a player can be killed in a duel via a game glitch if the player takes too much damage too fast before the duel ends.

War-Free Brands Edit

Players can receive 248.000 war-free brands by picking up the quest Peace outside of Arkan's Field. As low level players no longer get PvP flagged (as long as they don't perform actions on other players), this is useful for level 70s.

The War-Free Brands when used make other players unable to attack you for 1 hour.

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