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Rangers are dexterous and skillful assassins. They are masters of ranged weapons, as well as sneaking. Their nimbleness keeps their enemies at bay.

Rangers can equip all Leather and some Cloth Armor. Their profession is Leatherworking, which is used to upgrade their Tier armor at higher levels. Abilities use Vigor, which regenerates in and out of combat. It's good to practice on a Target Dummy to find a good rotation, to maximize your DPS without running out of Vigor.

Rangers have two specializations: Marksman (Archer) and Assassin (Sin).

Race Mastery[]

Certain races have perks. Ranged Crit is generally favored for Marskman, while Melee Hit is favored for Assassin.

  • Orcs and Undead gain +1% Melee and Ranged Crit.
  • Elves and Mendels gain +1% Melee and Ranged Hit.

Starting Base Stats[]

Agility the main stat for Rangers for both Assassin and Marksman specs.

1 Agi = 1 melee attack power / 2 ranged attack power / 0.013% crit

1 Str = 1 melee attack power

Human Elf Orc Undead Mendel
Str 10 8 13 9 9
Sta 15 13 18 14 16
Agi 25 28 22 24 26
HP 236 206 281 221 251


As you get experience and level up you will gain Talent Points. Talents are unlocked upon reaching player level 5 and are used to get new abilities or strengthen current abilities. Note: As of Update 25 (v2.0.0) released February 20, 2015, skill books/tomes from Trainers are no longer needed. Skills now upgrade automatically as the character levels up.

PvE and PvP[]

Marksman is the preferred spec for PvE/Dungeons, due to certain bosses having close range AoE damage. Ranged dps have a higher survivability rate. Traps allow Archers to kill large groups of mobs quickly as well, useful for clearing out dungeons without waiting on a long cooldown.

Sin is the preferred spec for PvP due to their ability to stealth and stun.

As of Update 25 (v3.0.0) released September 7, 2015, stuns/interrupts were reworked. Now Sins are the only DPS spec to have the an ability to interrupt bosses, making them slightly more desired in PvE (AGL, MZL, VTL, to name a few.)