Realms are the different servers in Order & Chaos Online, divided across three continents; America, Europe and Asia. You may play on a server that is not located in your section of the globe, but it may cause lag.

Each server is its own world. Players can only interact with other players on the same server and platform. There is no cross-server interaction. Similarly, there is no cross-platform interaction. iOS players cannot interact with Android players, etc.

Transferring Edit

After the update on June 30, 2011, it is possible for players to transfer to another server. This is done on the character list screen and costs 30 runes.

When transferring servers, that character will lose his/her guild, friends, and items in their mailbox and in the Auction House. Players who have transferred have to wait 7 days later to transfer again.

Current Servers Edit

America Asia Europe China
Arcadian Forest Glimmermoor Observer's Market Sailen
Tear Coast Arkan's Field Hall of Blade Glory Plaza
Swamp of Wyrms Forgotten Valley Storm Cape
The Whispering Islands Eye of Swamp Stone Island
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