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Region Features
Region Level Main City/Town Dungeon(s) Features
Arcadian Forest 1-10 Greenmont Flame: The Madness in Arcadian Forest Aryurumoka Camp
Mist Trader Base Camp
Tear Coast 10-20 Bellshoal Knahswahs Prison
Flame: Rebirth of Faith
Flare Island
Swamp of Wyrms 20-30 Glimmermoor Relic's Key
Rising Flare: Chasing Shadow
Arkan's Field (PvP)
trappable mounts
The Whispering Islands 30-40 Eversummer Port Eristar's Temple
Rising Flare: Into the Darkness
Vega Square (PvP)
trappable mounts
The Great Desert 30-40 Crimson Tower: Antoria Sailen: The Lower City
Sailen: The Palace
Edge of Desert (PvP)
trappable mounts, 1 pet
Sinskaald Rift 40-50 The Suspended City Eidolon's Horizon
Rising Flare: Burn Out the Night
Scorched Plains (PvP)
trappable mounts
Under Realm 50-60 Coldring Abyss of Limitless Gears
Metal Ziggurat
trappable mounts
trappable pets
Eternal Frostlund 60-70 Generator's Temple Stardust Realm trappable mounts
trappable pets
Crimson Beach 70-72 High Daisauros Fort
Obsidian Shore 70-72 Ancestor Ruins
The Petrified Forest 72-73 The Grey Market
Sacrificial Altar 73-75 The Breach

Starting Areas Edit

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Starting areas
Race Region Area
Elf Arcadian Forest Fallen Leaf
Human Arcadian Forest Fallen Leaf
Mendel Mendel Village Mendel Village
Orc Tanned Land Roar Military School
Undead Tanned Land Roar Military School

Arcadian Forest Edit

IMG 0173
Arcadian Forest is the region where elves and humans begin the game. It is the primary region with the capitol city of Greenmont. The highlights include the low level town of Silence and the Mist Trader Base Camp south of it, and the Aryurumoka Campsite next to Cliffwatch. This region features the dungeon Flame: The Madness in Arcadian Forest.
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Tear Coast Edit

IMG 0115
Tear Coast is the next region players will encounter on their questing journey. It can be reached on foot by heading west from Arcadian Forest. Its main features are the town of Bellshoal which has an Auction House, the dungeons Knahswahs Prison and Flame: Rebirth of Faith, and Flare Island which is located in the northwest. In the north is Old Oak Mine, which players can teleport into Swamp of Wyrms.
Main article: Tear Coast

Swamp of Wyrms Edit

IMG 0408
Swamp of Wyrms is the first region players encounter that features trappable mounts and a PvP zone. Players under level 70 will not automatically be PvP flagged, unless they perform an action on another player (even friendly actions like healing). Glimmermoor is the main city and, while mostly unknown, Port Verecy offers free travel to the next region, The Whispering Islands. Another highlight in this region are the dungeons Relic's Key and Rising Flare: Chasing Shadow.
Main article: Swamp of Wyrms

The Whispering Islands Edit

IMG 1263
The Whispering Islands is refreshingly larger than the previous regions but has overall less land mass, due to its many islands. The largest town is Eversummer Port but it is overshadowed by Vega Square, a PvP zone. This region also has trappable mounts and features the dungeons: Eristar's Temple and Rising Flare: Into the Darkness. Players can travel south on foot to enter The Great Desert.
Main article: The Whispering Islands

The Great Desert Edit

Great Desert
The Great Desert is a giant open region with many scattered small towns and settlements, each with various combinations of having a teleport, mailbox, and/or storage box or none of the above. Its main town is Crimson Tower: Antoria which features an Auction House. There is one PvP zone in the south, Edge of Desert. This region requires a significant amount of travel to quest in but it features trappable mounts and one trappable pet. Two dungeons are located outside Gate of Sailen, Sailen: The Lower City and Sailen: The Palace. This region is connected to The Whispering Islands to the north and Sinskaald Rift to the south.
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Sinskaald Rift Edit

Sinskaald Rift is a dangerous region with many cliffs. The first questing area is located in a PvP zone, Scorched Plains. Its main town is The Suspended City, which offers very little for a town. Many enemy outposts and strongholds appear all over the region, as well as a few friendly settlements. This region features trappable mounts and the dungeons Eidolon's Horizon and Rising Flare: Burn Out the Night.

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Under Realm Edit

Under Realm is high level region introducing two world bosses, Mato and Gelinu. It also features the dungeons Abyss of Limitless Gears and Metal Ziggurat. Its main city is Coldring. This region has trappable mounts and trappable pets, which can spawn in one of two PvP zones located by the world bosses.

Main article: Under Realm

Eternal Frostlund Edit

Eternal Frostlund is currently the highest level region featuring the most PvP zones. It has trappable mounts and trappable pets, Trial Field of the Limit, and the dungeon Stardust Realm. Its main city is Generator's Temple.

Main article: Eternal Frostlund
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