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Playable races in Order & Chaos Online
Elf · Human · Orc · Mendel · Undead

Starting areas are where new characters enter the game based on their selected race. After a few actions, players have the option to complete the starting tutorial or to skip it. By skipping, players can still complete all available quests, but their actions will no longer be controlled. It is recommended for new players to follow the tutorial to learn the gameplay basics.

All starting areas have a small town with quests, eventually leading out to Silence in Arcadian Forest. It is not necessary to complete the tutorial or the quests in these areas to leave. Players are free to explore and complete quests in these areas at any future time.

The Mendel race is the newest playable race and its starting area is much different than the others'. Whereas the other races have one starting area for beginner quests, Mendels actually have two: Mendel Village that all new Mendel players start off in, and the quests there will lead to Camp of Awakening which is its own region, only accessible through Mendel Village and does not appear on the world map.

Starting areas
Race Region Area
Elf Arcadian Forest Fallen Leaf
Human Arcadian Forest Fallen Leaf
Mendel Mendel Village Mendel Village
Orc Tanned Land Roar Military School
Undead Tanned Land Roar Military School