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Map of Swamp of Wyrms

Swamp of Wyrms is a level 20-30 region north of Tear Coast.

It is not accessible on foot, but players can teleport from any Teleport Master, or from Eversummer Port (The Whispering Islands) to Port Verecy or vice versa (free).

To get to Swamp of Wyrms from Tear Coast, players can use the teleport at Old Oak Mine or any other teleport.

Features Edit

Main town: Glimmermoor

PvP zone: Arkan's Field

Dungeons: Relic's Key and Rising Flare: Chasing Shadow

Swamp of Wyrms is the first region players will encounter trappable mounts.

Area Mailbox Storage Teleport
Necromancers' Academy
Owl Wood
Port Verecy
Wyrgast's Library


Rare Blood mobs
(23) Dark Fog (25) Mountain Queen (28) Swamp Giant (31) Swamp Fish King

(20) Skeleton Swordsman

(20) Swamp Moss Skin Crocodile

(20) Swamp Moss Skin Smilodon

(20) Swamp Moss Skin Weaver

(20) Swamp Shambler

(21) Chilr-Achas

(21) Embor

(21) Sanir

(21-22) Hillgrame Cobra Archer

(21-22) Hillgrame Python Shaman

(21-22) Hillgrame Viper Fighter

(22) Swamp Crocodile

(23) Hillgrame Python Rogue

(23) Cynaesstra (quest summon)

(23) Dark Seeker Archer

(23) Dark Seeker Assassin

(23) Dark Seeker Fighter

(23) Spawn Poison Crocodile

(23) Swamp Cleaner

(23) Swamp Sneaker

(23) Swamp Weaver

(24) Dark Seeker Mage

(24) Swamp Creeper

(24) Swamp Sweeper

(25) Big Gray Wolf

(25) Cave Butcher

(25-27) Royal Assassin of Miskatonia

(25) Summoned Skeleton

(25) Swamp Rock Crocodile

(25) Swamp Rock Tortoise

(25) Wraith Summoner

(26) Blood Gargoyle

(26) Blood Imp

(26) Bloodsucker Barlock

(26) Death Worm

(26) Deep Swamp Fishfolk

(26) Deep Swamp Sneaker

(26) Elanreen

(26) Eoltarblod Mage

(26) Eoltarblod Soma-Loser

(26) Eoltarblod Soul-Loser

(26) Eronee

(26) Fearialiner

(26) Lereanir

(26) Salenosen

(26) Swamp Fishfolk

(27) Deep Swamp Crocodile

(27-29) Dragonblood Shadow Summoner

(27) Eoltarblod Devoter

(27) Eoltarblod Victim

(27) Oruge

(28) Blood Swamp Killer

(27-28) Deep Swamp Weaver

(27) Moorweaver Spider

(27) Salty Swamp Fishfolk

(28) Dragonblood Vanguard

(28) Eye's Crocodile

(28) Hill Saithion Guard

(28) Hill Saithion Warden

(28) Hill Saithion Warden

(28) Iron Mast Pirate Ghost

(28) Iron Mast Pirate Zombie

(28) Sathlenar

(28) Swordskin (quest summon)

(28-29) Dragonblood Assassin

(29) Blood Swamp Archer

(29) Eye's Smilodon

(29) Eye's Weaver

(29) Giant Crab

(30) Blood Swamp Shaman

(30) Swamp Fish King's Son

(30) Ziaduar

(60) Blackblood Flesheater

(60) Blackblood Impaler

(60) Blackblood Smasher

Areas in Swamp of Wyrms
Map skull Hostile Arkan's Field Eoltarblod Eye of the Swamp Saithion Lair

Map town Friendly Bordhill Glimmermoor Miskatonia Necromancers' Academy Port Verecy Wyrgast's Library
Misc Dunwichmoor Fealu Plains Foggy Coast Forgotten Valley Frog Swamp Owl Wood Siithrax
Storm Cape Waterfalls Basin
Map dungeon Dungeons Relic's Key Rising Flare: Chasing Shadow

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