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A Mages Talent Tree

From level 5 you will get one talent point every other level up. Talent points can be spent at "Spells > Talents". When requirements state you need to learn X, you must input the maximum number of talent points possible in the talent you must learn. For example, in order to learn Dagger Stab you must learn Dagger Master, this means you must put 5/5 points into Dagger Master, not 1/5 points into Dagger Master. so be careful.

Want to experiment with your talents? You can use talent calculators to plan your talent tree.


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Battle (which leads to 'Martialist Stance': Your attack speed increases 30% and 1 additional enemy can be targeted. Your morale will begin decreasing when the stance is enabled. The stance will remain enabled for 30 sec. or until you use up all morale.)


Guardian (which leads to 'Counter Stance': In this stance, your block chance increases 10%. You also strike back with 30% main weapon damage whenever you take physical damage. Your morale decreases while the stance is enabld. The stance will remain enabled for 30 sec. or until you use up all morale.)

Tank / Defense / PvE[]


DPS / Offense / PvP[]




Elemental Mage TalentTree.png

Elemental is a pure damage tree.


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"Stargazing is a healing and offensive talent. Summoning celestial might from above, you can heal a wounded friend while granting them protection. This Talent can also deal damage to enemies."

Talent Builds[]

DPS / PvE Dungeon / party[]


http://oac-head.com/calc/android-mage/295/ Jinpachi's Talent Calculator Version


Solo PvE / Leveling[]




Ranged attack, bows / crossbows. Archer is similar to WoW Hunter, Assassin is similar to WoW Rogue.

Stealthy, subtle, sneak attacks, melee.

Archer PvE / DPS[]


Archer PvP[]

Base Archer PVP Build (37/10 +10) Features Max CC/Stuns/Snares, Escape, Silence.

Use remaining 10 points for Max Defense (Urgent Defense, Rapid Steps), AoE (Barrage, High Explosive), or Hybrid PvE/PvP DPS (Acute Toxicity, Wound Infection, Shooter Stance, Overwhelm).

Assassin(Can bebe)[]

Assassin PvE[]

For Android 1.1.3:

http://oac-head.com/calc/android-ranger/299/ Build Assassin

For iOS 1.1.4:

dagger stab build (PVE/PVP)

Assassin PvP[]

For Android 1.1.3:

Assassin No-Dagger PvP Build (6/50) Multi-weapon Burst Build with ample stuns and escape options.

For iOS 1.1.4:

swift strike build (Mostly PVP) PVP build (no stab)

Military Monk Fighting, unarmed combat, pole arms, damage, solo?

Talent Builds Healing / dungeon party PvE: http://oac-head.com/calc/android-monk/302/

Damage / Soloing / Leveling