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A player on a team

A Team is a small group of players (two-four) who all share experience points and item drops from killing monsters or other players.

Teams are created by players who are all on the same 'kill x monsters' quest to complete is as quickly as possible. Also a team will complete a dungeon together

Drops Edit

Each team has a team leader, usually the person who started the team. When a valuable item drops the team leader has the option to keep it, or pass it along the next team member in line for a drop. If the team leader accepts the first drop, the next drop will automatically be handed to the next team member inline for a drop, unless they decide to hand it on to the next player along and so on. Any money dropped is equally distributed among team members, as are experience points gained from kills. Beware; if you join a team midway though killing a monster, the team leader may get any valuable items that drop.

The leader of the team also has the option to change the loot settings. It can be either:

Leader Allotment - When the leader of the team decides who recieves the drop.

Team Allotment - When a dice will be rolled for each member of the team, and the team member with the highest roll number wins the drop.

Free Loot - This is a first-come, first-serve policy, meaning whoever gets to the drop first and picks it up, receives the drop.

Create or Leave a Team Edit

To create a team simply tap on a players profile and then tap on the 'Recruit to team' button, found here as number 10. You will automatically become team leader. A team is disbanded when all members leave the team.

From the 'Team' options in the main menu you can leave your team or change the team settings.

Dungeon Teams Edit

  • Go to your options menu (where you view your bag, character, quests, ect).
  • Click on the Team Button. The page that opens has two tabs - Group and Dungeon.
  • Click on the Dungeon Tab.
  • Next click on the icon the right which has a magnifyinag glass - this brings you to Dungeon Finder.
  • First set the parameters of the dungeon you are looking for; Normal, Legend, Random, and which dungeon you want.
  • Next click the 'Find Group' button. A pop up window will ask you to confirm your dungeon choice, click Yes.
  • Next pop-up wants you to confirm your Role in the group. There are three options; Tank, Healer, and Damage. Click your role then click OK.
  • Now you are in the Dungeon Que awaiting a team to accept you into their ranks.
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