The world of MMORPG's has become so massive that specific terminology has been created for the in-game chat. Such terminology has transfered into Order & Chaos.

Term Meaning Usage
Grinding To repeat an action over and over "I'm going to spend the next hour grinding on monsters"
Mob Short for mobile, it means any NPC (see below) whose purpose is to be killed for experience, quests or loot. "There's a level 28 spider mob!"
Pulling Engaging a mob who has not noticed the PC yet. "Let's pull another mob!"
Instancing To play in randomly generated dungeons (Note*: this feature has not been implemented yet) "Let's go instancing!"
Noob Someone who just started the game, a "newbie" "I used to be a major noob"


Acronyms are abbreviations for long phrases. They are used extensively in MMO communities and so are useful to know.

Acronym Meaning Usage
NPC Non-Player Character "Talk to the NPC to start the Quest"
PvE or PvM Player verses Environment/Monster "Lets get together later and PvE in the Great Desert"
PvP Player verses Player "I'm going to beat you at PvP tonight!"
AFK or AFD Away from Keyboard/Device "I think he's AFK"
AOE Area Of Effect "My Spell has a large AOE"
AH Auction House "I'm selling it at the AH"
BoE Binds on Equip "This sword BoE"
BoP Binds on Pickup "This staff BoP; I can't sell it :("
IAP In App Purchase "Gold can be bought as an IAP"
EXP or XP Experience "Yay, only 1k XP till next lvl!"
DoT Damage over time(burns/poisons/bleeds) "Monks have no DoT spells."
MMO(RPG) Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game "I play lots of MMORPGs"
RAK Regroup After Kill Let's RAK
OOM Out of mana "I'm oom, stop pulling please."
WTB Want to buy "WTB Marcasite!"
WTS Want to sell "WTS Marcasite!"
PK Player Kill "That guy keeps PKing me!"
L2P Learn to Play "How do you attack?" "L2P!"
DPS Damage Per Second "My DPS is 101.26!"
BRB Be right back "BRB, I have to get a drink."
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