Here is a list of all the things this wiki needs, in order of priority. Anyone can edit this wiki so if you feel you can contribute to one or more of the areas below please don't be shy!


Small Tasks Edit

  • Needs updating:
  • I have created "Playable" and "Non-Playable" categories in the "Races" page. Please add more non-playable races when you encounter them.
  • See if you can solve any of the Unsolved Problems of the game.
  • Fill in the experience table - anyone can help with this, just look at your characters attributes and read off the total experience between your last level and next one.
  • Screenshots of all the towns in Tear Coast and information of the features there.
  • Screenshots of all the towns in Swamp of Wyrms and information of the features there.
  • Do you have a Warrior, Monk, Mage or Ranger with "cool" looking gear? I still need pictures for the Talents page. Take a snapshot of your character in the character selection screen and post it to my Talkpage ! Cromos 17:26, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

Large TasksEdit

Completed tasks (Yay!)Edit

  • Teleportation or Travel system page.
  • Administrator - change the 'Currency' and 'Beasts' drop down menu to 'Places' and 'Combat' at the top of the page.
  • Move all pages from the old wiki to this one.
  • Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!
  • Create tables of food and potions, with store prices, and put them in consumables.
  • Give the Talents page some actual structure.
  • Create Teams page with an explanation of how teams work and how money, exp and items are shared among a team.
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