Undead Female


Undead Male

The Undead are one of the two races in the Chaos faction. Like the Orcs, the Undead starting zone is Tanned Land. Undead characters may belong to any of the four classes (Monk, Warrior, Mage or Ranger) and can be male or female.

Race MasteriesEdit


Sight of Pretender

Hide in the shadows, decreasing the chance enemies will find you. Lasts for 12 Sec.

Note: You CANNOT use this skill during combat. It is also not a pure stealth or invisiblility, enemies can still see you, but the range they will spot you is decreased. This is only for PvE, in PvP players can still see you. When this spell is used, a black swirling cloud envelops the player.


Legacy Creator

Reduces the crafting time of all your crafts by 50%


Increases your melee and ranged critical chance & spell critical chance by 1

Inherited riding permit Edit

By default at level 1 , the undead have the riding permit to ride undead dogs.

Starting StatsEdit

Warrior Monk Ranger Mage
Strength 19 15 9 9
Stamina 19 16 14 14
Agility 14 15 24 14
Wisdom 13 19 18 28
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