Under Realm is a level 60-65 region that was added when the player level cap was raised to level 70. It's a large region consisting of 19 towns, castles and camps, 6 of them being friendly and 13 of them being hostile. In between the towns you can find monsters of varying levels. Generally the further east you are the higher level mobs.

There are two Dungeons located in the southern area.

There are also two PvP zones, where world bosses Gelinu and Mato will spawn in.

Areas in Under Realm Edit

The main city is Coldring, which is located in the center of Under Realm.

Area Type Mob Lvl Features
Abandoned Mill Hostile 63 Mailbox
Food Seller
Arid Moor Friendly Teleporter
MailboxStorage Box
Food Seller
Supplies Seller
Weapon Seller
Castle Thratir Hostile 63 Teleporter
T1-T2 mount location
Castle Thratir: Inner Yard Hostile 63
Coldring Friendly Teleporter
MailboxStorage Box
Food Seller
Supplies Seller
Weapon Seller
Coldring Castle Friendly MailboxStorage Box
Darksteel Corridor Friendly Portal to Eternal Frostlund, accessible at level 64
Dimvalley Village Friendly Teleporter
Food Seller
Weapon Seller
Exiles' Village Friendly Teleporter
Food Seller
Ghost Manor This area is only populated during Halloween Festival
Grey Hill 64 Food Seller
Harum's Chains Hostile 62
Harvester's Valley
Large Waterfall Friendly
Leaffalling Town Hostile 61
Mendel Mine Hostile 61
Miner's Terrace Friendly T1-T2 mount location
Mist Marsh Hostile

PvP zone

70MailboxFood Seller

World Boss Gelinu

T1-T2 and Epic mount location

Mothertree's Sanctum Friendly
Mushroom Marsh Hostile

PvP zone

70World Boss MatoT1-T2 and Epic mount location
Ring of Order
Ruined Outpost
Scar of Earth Hostile 64-65 Abyss-Charging Undead Dog location
Silk Valley Hostile 62 T1-T2 mount location
Stonebench Village Friendly Teleporter
Food Seller
Tar Tableland Hostile 62 Food Seller
The Hall of the Endless Night Friendly Food Seller
Toadstool Marsh Hostile 62
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