Warrior with plate armor and steel 2-handed sword.

Warriors can be either Tank or DPS (commonly referred to as DD wars.) They primarily wear Plate gear and use Foundry to craft their Tier armor at higher levels.

Warriors are the only class that can use every weapon type.

Morale System Edit

Instead of mana, warriors use a resource system called morale, which they gain while dealing or recieving damage. When not in a fight, a warrior's morale will steadily drop to a minimum of 20, hence a warrior needs to initiate battle before he can use his more powerful (and morale-consuming) abilities.

Warriors are able to specialize in two talent trees: 'Battle', which focuses on offensive fighting, and 'Guard' which focuses on defensive fighting.

Race Mastery Edit

Certain races have perks. Tanks use Melee Crit (to reset Shield Smackdown), Parry, Dodge, and Melee Hit is universally useful.

  • Humans gain +1% Parry.
  • Elves gain +1% Melee Hit.
  • Orcs gain +1% Melee Crit and 1% Parry.
  • Undead gain +1% Melee Crit.
  • Mendels gain +1% Melee Hit and +1% Dodge.

Starting Base Stats Edit

Strength the main stat for DD wars, while tanks tend to go full Stamina.

Str = 1 melee attack power, 0.5% block value

Agi = crit, 0.02% dodge

Human Elf Orc Undead Mendel
Str 20 18 23 19 19
Sta 20 18 23 19 21
Agi 15 18 12 14 15
HP 311 281 356 296 326

Training Edit

As you get experience and level up you will gain Talent Points. Talents are unlocked upon reaching player level 5 and are used to get new abilities or strengthen current abilities. Note: As of March 2015, an update removed Tomes from Trainers, making them no longer required to upgrade Spells/Abilities. These are now upgraded automatically as the character levels up.

Warrior Spells

PvE and PvP Edit

DD wars are great for PvE/Dungeons as well as PvP. They often use a hybrid spec to "DD Tank" - being able to tank while also dealing high damage. This hybrid spec is useful for lower dungeons like AGL, MZL, FML, where the warrior won't necessarily take a lot of damage. In PvP they are able to keep a player stunned, making them one of the best PvP classes.

Tanks are primarily used in PvE, though are sometimes seen in PvP (Battlefield). Tanks are not used in Arena without much laughter ensuing.

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