The World Map can be accessed anywhere, at any time in game.

Players either begin their journey in one of the three starting areas, based on their selected race; two of which are their own regions: Mendel Village and Tanned Land, while Fallen Leaf is part of Arcadian Forest.

A level cap system has been placed on teleportation, possibly to prevent low level players from trying to explore the world and eventually becoming stuck in a grave. However, there are some inconsistencies with the level required to port to certain places using teleport wings and the level required to use a teleport to get to the same place. Check both options when trying to enter a region that your level may not be high enough. For regions that are connected, players also have the option to get around teleport level caps by simply entering the region on foot.

For information regarding the regions, see: Regions or Starting areas.

World map v3

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